BLACK ARK MEDIA aims to shed critical light on what it means to be Black and British in a time of perpetual change. We create events that bring communities together to share socially conscious art, literature, and films that allow people to have meaningful conversations about race, culture, and identity. Among other things, we take our inspiration from the activism of musicians such as the great Sun Ra, Lee Scratch Perry, and Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Further inspiration comes from writers such as James Baldwin, Cornel West, Bell Hooks, Claudia Jones, and Stuart Hall, to mention but a few.

Recent highlights:

BBC Radio Gloucestershire

BBC Radio Gloucestershire breakfast – With David Smith (25/08/2023) – BBC Sounds (segment begins at 1h 40m).

Good on Paper

Article courtesy of Good on Paper, Alex Hobbis, and Adam Hinks


Ronnie McGrath

Ronnie is an artist, writer and poet, whose interest lies in the surreal, avant-garde, and the absurd. He has taught writing in a variety of traditional and non-traditional spaces, with all ages, reacquainting both the seasoned and the unseasoned writer with the power of their imagination.


Derrick McLean

After many years travelling the world, Derrick settled in Stroud and has been making things happen in the community for last 5 years with his Jamaican Inn food and sharing his love of Jazz on Deepbed Radio as the High Priest DJ.

Jamaica Inn Kitchen

Derrick McLean's presentation on Race and Identity